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Wp Shopping Cart Fancy Features aren't working! Why is that? WordPress


if you click here:
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]
and then subsequently:
[[LINK href=""]]

You'll probably see a couple of things that are incorrectly. The pictures show up as broken as well as the things that should be hidden (updating cart) are shown and no smooth transitions are seen.

Does anyone know why this is??


Answers (4)


Mariano Pereyra answers:

there's something seriously wrong with the set up on your site (Probably the ecommerce plugin)
For instance, try to access this page:

As you can see, it's not loading (It gives a 500 server error). Same thing happens with a lot of other files related to the plugin. That's why you see stuff that you shouldn't see (Like the loading animations on *each* schedule). This as well generates that when you click on a link, instead of some fancy AJAX executed (This is a guess) you get directed to a page, the couple I tried are empty.

Mariano Pereyra comments:

I checked your site again, and it seems that there is some sort of server error starting with the plugins folder:

Cannot be accessed, but:

Can. Usually you should get the same response on both requests (An empty page) so the error probably indicates a malformed .htaccess file on the plugins folder. Can't add much more without access to the server.

Emilia Farrace comments:

I was thinking this was the case as well.

i think i'm going to re-install WP completely and try to re-upload my theme and everything else. perhaps this will aide in any of these issues. i had previously uploaded and worked on this theme at this location: and it seems to be working fine.


Emilia Farrace comments:

also, i haven't been on here in a while ... how to award you the money???

Mariano Pereyra comments:

Hey, honestly I've no idea how to award the money... first time I win one (And never posted a question myself).


Chris Sun answers:

The broken image is the animation loader icon that gets used for fancy notifications so try this on hope it will fix.

In version 3.8 there are 3 loading gifs:


...and some references are using WPSC_CORE_IMAGES_URL and some WPSC_CORE_THEME_URL

I figured it was only the one in the theme folder I should be concerned with.
The one in the core folder seems just to be for admin AJAX stuff I think, and I'm not should the other one is used at all.

So I have committed so you can test - it should replace the loading icon when you add something to basket.

Just add the following filter into your theme functions.php to try:

(obviously you can reference any load image you like)

function my_wpsc_loading_animation_url( $img ) {
return '';
add_filter( 'wpsc_loading_animation_url', 'my_wpsc_loading_animation_url' );

Let me know if you find any issues

Emilia Farrace comments:

thanks for the reply!
i'm a bit confused though ...

which file should i add this to? the theme functions of my WP ecommerce or my regular theme files?

and if it is wpsc files - there are multiple functions!

thanks again

Chris Sun comments:

You can the code in the theme functions.php

<em>function my_wpsc_loading_animation_url( $img ) {

return '';


add_filter( 'wpsc_loading_animation_url', 'my_wpsc_loading_animation_url' );</em>

Emilia Farrace comments:

that worked - however, now the images are just constantly showing.

i think there is something else wrong ...


Just Me answers:

Check if your theme is complete, you may have some scripts not loading.

in header.php

in footer.php


Lee Willis answers:

As the Mariano pointed out - all of the Javascript and CSS that should be loaded from the WP e-Commerce plugin are failing with a 500 Internal Server Error. It looks like all requests for anything from under wp-content/plugins/ are failing. This suggests a broken .htaccess file or rogue security plugin.

[Not that I'm expecting paid for that by the way - just "+1"ing Mariano's response...]

Emilia Farrace comments:

thank you for your response, i do agree and think this is the problem. i'm going to have the WP re-installed and then hopefully all this stuff will clear up on its own!!