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Hi, I've been learning wordpress theme design during the past month. So I've got familiar with Thematic framework via The book "Build Your Own Wicked Wordpress Themes". Now I have information on hooks and filters and how to use this framework. I have also used some tutorials to learn more but when I finish these tutorials, it seems to me that they are supposedly unclear and hazy! and I see a big "SO WHAT" ? in front of me... Now what I need is a person who is familiar with wordpress theme design and has built a few premium ones before. So I need to talk to the qualified person via OOVOO and make things more clear by answering my questions. Don't worry! As I said before if you've built any themes before you're certainly capable of answering my questions :) My questions are like how to add an option page to the theme, how to add shortcodes and ... . My level of wordpress knowledge is as high as what has been taught in the above book and I'm completely familiar with html and css. So please give me a fair hourly rate and we can start from that point.

Thanks for helping me

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Denzel Chia answers:


Here is some useful free advice for you.

WordPress is built on PHP.
PHP just like HTML and CSS, is a server side programming language.

You need to know at least basic PHP, before you can understand WordPress.
Just like you need to know English before you can read a book written in English.

No point reading useless books such as the one that you mentioned. They are written for the sole purpose of making money.

Once you understand PHP, go and read up WordPress on WordPress Codex.
As for themes, open up Twenty Ten, which is the default WordPress Theme.
If you can understand all the codes, you can create your own theme.

The codes on how to add option page, create shortcodes are all on WordPress Codex.
You will naturally understand them once you understand PHP, and in fact they are very very very easy.

So, if you are serious about making money using WordPress, please buy a thick PHP book and start reading it, A book named "PHP Bible" published by Wiley is all you need.

Lastly, even if you are willing to pay for advice, you won't understand it.
Unless you "speak PHP" the WordPress Language.


Pourya Aryan comments:

Thanx a lot dear Denzel. I'm already sort of familiar with PHP but not as much as CSS and HTML. Anyways I'm pretty sure that what u said is absolutely right. but I would be happy to have a live chat together to clear things up 4 me. It means clearing some technical issues at the very beginning of design process before we even start adding shortcodes or option page. As I said before you can charge me by hour. So please give me a fair offer! :)

Denzel Chia comments:


Sorry, thanks for the offer, but I only communicate by email.
I don't speak fluent English.
And I don't work fix hour.

Email communication is the best, because everything gets "documented".