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Wordpress search for individual PDF docs WordPress


Hi Guys

Is it possible to set up a search function that returns a list of actual PDF files as apposed to a list of posts that the PDF is attached to?


Answers (2)


Kyle answers:

SearchWP allows you to do that, and you can include media items (make sure to include the inherit post status too)

Steve Watson comments:

Thanks Kyle that looks perfect


Bob answers:

I am not sure if it's near to your requirement or not.

However it might be little helpful to you.

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

After installing above plugin do the necessary settings by visiting <strong>Settings > Media Category Library</strong>

Then create new categories by visiting <strong>Media > Media Categories</strong>. Like <em>Reports</em>

Then assign all your pdf to that category.

Finally you can create some page for serch and add this shortcode <strong>[mediacatform]</strong>. It will allow user to search for medias(in our case pdf) in different categories with keyword.

If this plugin is near to your need you can hire a developer to modify it :)

Bob comments:

Hi Steve

Did you get any solution?