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Wordpress & Windows 2003 server WordPress

Hi Guys

I have a client who has four domains for each of the different companies within their group.

Each company has it’s own standalone site. All domains are being hosted on their own Windows 2003 server.

They want me to redesign three of their four websites, all using Wordpress.

So, my questions are…

- Is Wordpress compatible with a Windows 2003 server?
- Do I need 3 separate mysql databases

Has anyone seen a decent walkthrough tutorial video for this if its possible?

Many thanks

Answers (4)


dimadin answers:

I don't have experience with you first question, but I will answer second: no, you don't need separate databases, you just use same database connection data for installations, except that you add unique $table_prefix in you wp-config.php as per this guide in WordPress documentation:

dimadin comments:

For Windows, also see official guide (like I said, I haven't used this):


Firoja_Imtosupport answers:


You can install WordPress on Windows using

Firoja_Imtosupport comments:

If companies are different i recommend using different databases for each.


Hariprasad Vijayan answers:

Hello Steve,

Check these links,

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

May be this video help [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

You can use same database with different table prefix for each WordPress. If the website are for companies, i suggest to use separate database for each website.



Rempty answers:

I had some bad experiences working with Windows servers. Wordpress run slow, is a pain haha.
You need IIS with php 5.4 and mysql or greater

Eventually they realized that IIS is really bad running php and bought a Linux hosting for wordpress webs.