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Wordpress - Theme upload problem WordPress



I downloaded the Auto Focus+ theme & am trying to install it into wordpress, but I'm getting this error: The parent theme is missing. Please install the "thematic" parent theme.

Can you please help me?


Answers (2)


enodekciw answers:

Download themetic theme from here: [[LINK href=""]]THEMATIC THEME[[/LINK]]
Then upload it to your wp-content/themes/ folder.
Now your child theme should work without any problems.


Denzel Chia answers:


Just to give you some information, you need not pay me for this.

Autofocus theme is a child theme. It's parent theme is Thematic theme.

What's a child theme?

A child theme is a theme build to use the template of another theme, adding only modifications or additions of codes to change it's appearance or function to suit one's needs.
For example, you want to change the font of Twenty Ten theme, you can built a child theme with modification only to the font style.

Why use a child theme?

You construct a child theme to reflect the addition or modifications you need, the codes on the parent theme remains intact, therefore if there is any updates to the parent theme, your changes will not be affected. As you are using a child theme, instead of directly modifying the parent theme.

What is a parent theme?

It is just a term used to refer to any theme that you want to build a child theme with. No changes to the theme.

In this case thematic is a good theme with many build in functions that allows another theme (child theme) to harness it. Therefore, autofocus is build to use thematic as a template with it's own additions to it.

You will need to install thematic theme first, and follow by autofocus. Activate only autofocus which is the child theme. Do not activate thematic, it just needs to be installed so that autofocus can use it's template files.

However, thematic theme is a completely functional theme, if you want to try using it, deactivate autofocus and activate thematic theme.

Hope the information is of any use to you.