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Wordpress Categories Dissapear WordPress


I am having troubles with my Wordpress Categories Disappearing identical to this video


Also the categories come and go, but mostly go.

Please, need a solution fast.

Answers (2)


Peter Michael answers:

What plugins have you installed?

parksey18 comments:

Google XML Sitemaps
GUAR Google XML Sitemaps
NextGEN Gallery
Robots Meta

Peter Michael comments:

Can you run a 'repair' & 'optimize' on all wp tables via phpmyadmin?

parksey18 comments:

Yep, tried all that.
Also try activating another theme, tried deactivating all plugins.
Looks like a broader problem as the issue in the video is identical.

Peter Michael comments:

Can you actually see the categories in the wp_terms table?

Some people say restarting the MySQL server resolves the problem.


AdamGold answers:

Please check your wp_terms table. Is it empty? Also, check your 'tmp' directory. (delete it if you have it with a lot of content inside).
If nothing works, try to run this query:
UPDATE wp_term_taxonomy,wp_terms SET wp_term_taxonomy.description = WHERE wp_term_taxonomy.term_id = wp_terms.term_id

Since when have you got this problem? Maybe because a plugin you just installed?

I also read that restarting the mysql may work. Here are some useful resources:

[[LINK href=""]]Link 1[[/LINK]]
[[LINK href=""]]Link 2[[/LINK]]
[[LINK href=""]]Link 3[[/LINK]]