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1. I need help making pages under the page parent showup as a dropdown menu.  

2. I changed the theme color so that it is blue, but it broke the paypal form print that was done previously.

3. I uploaded a header photo, and for some reason, it is left justified, instead of center.

4. The text on the site is very difficult to read. I'd like the text to be Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua, Palatino and a more readable color.

Answers (4)


Rashad Aliyev answers:

I'm ready to help you. Send me informations about site.

Let's to check it.


Ehthisham tk answers:



Jonah Schulte answers:

Hi Mark,

Can you post a link to your web site so we can see the problems you're describing?



Joe Jenkins answers:

A link will allow us to see the problems you are having, then we can get going :o)