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HI - please see this link

I previously submitted a question and received an answer from a developer but can't reach him for follow-up. Help asap would be appreciated.

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rilwis answers:

Hi Chris,

Here's the fixed for playlist.css file, please test and let me know if it's ok or not:

Chris John comments:

Thanks... I'll check it out and get right back to you...

Chris John comments:

hi rilwis - almost perfect just a couple of issues still.
please see

1) Note #1 that there is a gap across the bottom of the player in both IE and FF. In the version referenced here it is much loer. ...
2) The "music list" on the right disappeared in FireFox. can you fix that?
3) When you mouseover the player in FF and IE the player bar appears but here is does not
4) IN the IE version there is a thin blue line on the right side of the main video (i think it's the American idol image). IN FF there is a small black gap/space at the top of the main video and it drops down below the main area just a tad.

can you fix those item....

thanks very much

rilwis comments:

May I have access to your site, ftp or admin account. Because it's a bit hard to deal with javascript via comments (there's more than one place that need to edit).

Chris John comments:

Sure. can you please give me your email address?

rilwis comments:

My email address: [email protected]