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WordPress site not loading. WordPress



Would like to know if anyone has an idea why the following site does not load the posts when clicked on. The loader just continues to turn, not loading the images.

If you need more info. or think you can fix this, please let me know.


Answers (4)


Denzel Chia answers:

Just trying to help here,

Looked at your source code and found the image HTML tags broken, the attributes are too far apart. An I noticed that you are using w3 total cache.

You may want to disable your cache plugin when troubleshooting so that the changes are reflected immediately. As for the broken images HTML tag, if you are posting the images throguh your admin, you may want to check what you entered again, if it's coded in you theme, you may want to check your codes that generate the image HTML.

Hope William can help you, but I think he will need more than admin access, he needs FTP access to your theme folders to effectively weed out your problem.


Richard Jochum comments:

Are you up for it? Pippin has not answered yet, and will give you FTP, if necessary.

Denzel Chia comments:


I will only try if William gives up or fails. It is not polite and not effective to have two person working on the same problem, as this may make it worst.


Richard Jochum comments:

Oh : )

He has given up, that is why i am offering...

Denzel Chia comments:

Ok, I will do it now, but no promise it will be done quickly.

Please email me an admin access to your blog, and FTP to theme folder,
My email is [email protected]

Will communicate with you via email for updates and findings.

Looking forward to your email.


Richard Jochum comments:

Email sent, Thank you.

Richard Jochum comments:

Denzel it is 03h00 in the morning here, so i am going to sleep, will check in again later. You can take your time...

Denzel Chia comments:


I found the following problems with your theme, after testing with plugins, admin settings, and reading through theme files.

1) It is the pretty permalinks, that is causing the site not to load. This theme works only with default permalinks.
It does not work with pretty structured permalinks.

Fix - I had changed your permalink structure back to default.

2) Why this theme only works with default permalinks, That is

Reason - This theme only works in default permalink, because of the dynamic jQuery ajax loading.
It have been coded to load contents using post id, which in my opinion, is the only possible way for jQuery to load your contents and user cookies,
because the theme author could not have been able to predict user's permalink structure.
And post id which is unique for all posts are need by this jQuery script to load the post.
Throughout the theme template files, all posts are referenced using post ids.

3) This theme does not have the standard wp_head() and wp_footer() template action tag,
Any plugins that needed this action hooks to work, will not be functioning properly.
In this case, All In One SEO Pack is not working as it cannot load anything to the html head.

Fix - I had added wp_head to header.php and wp_footer to footer.php
Now All in one SEO pack is working properly.

Everything is working now

I will appreciate if you can award me the full price money after you had tested your site.

You are welcome to get back to me for any problems via email.



Richard Jochum comments:

Excellent Denzel, great work.

Thank you all for replying.

Richard Jochum comments:

Will definitely contact you again, fast & professional.


Pippin Williamson answers:

I'm not quite sure what isn't loading. When I click on "Testing", I see a white bar that is out of place and the post content, which says "Testing is fun".

Is there supposed to be more to the post?

Richard Jochum comments:

Pippin, would you like to give it a go?

Richard Jochum comments:

The correct Theme is now displaying.


William Clark answers:

I would need admin panel access to check this further.
Can you supply that to [email protected]?

Richard Jochum comments:

Will go with William on this, as he was the first one to request Admin, will keep you updated. Thank you for the quick replies.

Email sent.

Thank you.

William Clark comments:

Denzel: Thanks for being so cool.


juan manuel incaurgarat answers:

yes, same here

juan manuel incaurgarat comments:

im an HTML expert (a lot of we are), if you give me FTP and admin access i might help :)

Richard Jochum comments:

Thanks Juan, Denzel is giving it a go, if he does not succeed i will allow you to have a go at it...