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Will re-post the question with a correct price and better explanation in a few days.

Doug Montgomery, Jim Dugan, I understand you. I have wrote too much and no one will read it. Really there are only 3-4 things I want from you guys but it looks like a "book" because I have wrote tons of examples using fruits in boxes. So in a few days I will re-post the question. I will make it much easier and shorter. You should take a look :)
Thank you anyway for your time.

Maor Barazany, thank you for your reply. I have already tried it but it does not work as I wanted to. But since you said maybe it will help me, I will try it again.

Answers (3)


Jim Dugan answers:

I'm not even READING that request for $1.
Sorry. Something that complex is worth more.


Maor Barazany answers:

Try using Relevanssi


Doug Montgomery answers:

Jim you are absolutely correct and this just bothers me. I'm not even one of the pros working the site, I'm one of the guys utilizing this fantastic resource and I'm really bugged by this.

I'm a backyard wp guy who loves the fact that wpquestions even exists. I'm not a rich guy and can't generally offer up too much money for help so I try to not 'get in over my head' too often in what I'm doing because I know it's going to cost me for someone to keep me from drowning.

I get the emails from wpquestions so that I can keep up with other peoples problems and hope to learn something from them so I can resolve my own problems, unfortunately the one thing I'm learning the most, people think you guys are wp whores.

Maximos, these guys are trained professionals who charge $20, $30, $50 and some hundreds of dollars an hour for their services and have offered up a bit of their time to help others in the wp community. I understand the idea of only a few dollars in an account because I don't keep money in my pp account either, but I surely wouldn't write a book under an offer for a dollar with some excuse for lack of money and at the same time tell them your going to offer up $10-$15 for something as complex as this.

Fortunately for you it turns out that you may have received your answer for the $1 you offered up. Feel lucky, feel damn lucky.

Sorry for the rant, it just bugs the hell out of me.