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WordPress DB Version Conflict WordPress


So I did an auto update to WP 3.3 and got a screen telling me there was a DB upgrade needed. I hit continue and it said the upgrade was a success. I hit continue again and the same screen popped up telling me the DB needed upgrading... repeat cycle.

Then I changed the DB version in version.php (18226) to match what was in the database under the options table for DB version (19470). This allows me to access the backend, but nothing will update. Can't update any post or pages. It says the page is updated, but it never actually does...

Any suggestions?


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Manoj Raj answers:


This is the solution being widely discussed in many forums as far as i know(You should have come across this at first).. Some says it works..

check What the following url says?

YOUR DOMAIN/wp-admin/upgrade.php

Auz Clement comments:

Yes, that is a link I came across earlier. I have tried that solution, but now the tables will not update when I edit post, pages, etc. I can't activate plugins either as the activation is never actually saved.

Manoj Raj comments:

What is the message you get from the following url?


Auz Clement comments:

No Update Required

Your WordPress database is already up-to-date!


Manoj Raj comments:

Do you have "Memcached Object Cache" plugin installed? or any similar plugins? Can you please give me the url you are working on?

Auz Clement comments:

No we are not using any cache plugins.

Manoj Raj comments:


I tried sending a comment with the "Leave a reply form" available at

I just checked whether a comment is getting accepted in the database..

And another thing, I thought it has nothing to do with the problem you are having now. Anyway informing it is better..

When i click on the links in the chamber events pages, i get the following error in the corresponding link page. Have you noticed that?

<blockquote>Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /nfs/c06/h04/mnt/96320/domains/ on line 42</blockquote>

Auz Clement comments:

well, there are no comments in the system... Still don't have this one firgured out. The errors on the event page have to do with the event calendar plugin. I will have to deal with that next.

Thanks for taking a look!

Manoj Raj comments:

Have your backup and try any of the following things.

Have you tried deleting the posts or any pages? Are they working?

Have you tried disabling the plugins one by one and the check the website? <strong>Disabling plugin. Is it working? </strong>
If they are not. Try deleting the plugin folder one by one and check...


another solution try upgrading the wordpress again through the force upgrade

copy the above code and save it as "force-upgrade.php" and have it in the folder where you have wp-config.php and run it... It will upgrade the wordpress again..

Source :

And try this link

to invalidate all existing cookies..

Replace the existing keys with the generated keys in your wp-config.php

Auz Clement comments:

So, I tried the force update and ended up with a database error saying the DB user did not have permission to DELETE...

that lead me to change the DB user credentials and viola!

So indirectly I believe you helped me solve the issue!



Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

I have been reading about this problem and I have found two different possibilities.

1. The Option Name db_version in WP_Options table is not equal to the field wp_db_version of version.php. You can have a look at the Version.php located under wp-include folder of your wordpress blog.
2. The Option Name “siteurl” in WP_Options table is not populated properly.

1. Go to version.php, wp_db_version value should be the same than the value saved in wp_options
2. Same, go to wp_options and look at siteurl value

Try and tell me.

Auz Clement comments:

Sorry, but these suggestions were found here:

I tried those before posting on this forum. Thanks for taking a look!


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Auz Clement,

You probably have a backup of your site, don't you?

I suspect you have upgraded from a version prior to 3.2.1 and that caused your troubles.

If so, then restore your site and upgrade it version by version, e.g., from 3.2 to 3.2.1 and then to 3.3 (most likely you will need to do it by FTP).

Good luck,