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Woocoomerce Thumbnail Input Quantities plugin & Search results WordPress

Need some help with Woocommerce Thumbnail Input Quantities (

I'm using Avada Theme - I've added WooCommerce Thumbnail Input Quantities plugin
but when I do a product search although input box is populated ... I can't enter qty

...Works otherwise.

Input box and Add to Cart - OK on Shop (Archive Page)
Input box and Add to Cart - OK "Promo's" Page (new page using Woocommerce Short code)

I'm getting a Placeholder (I think) instead of the inputbox and Add to Cart -
If I click Add to cart - 1 item is added to the cart (as there is no input box)

This is my 1st Woocommerce project so I don't know how to tweak things !!

Maybe making the Search results page use the same 'Template' as Shop page (ie. make a copy of shop page to display results ??) ... but I don't know how!

I don't know if this helps...

The Search page points to

Normal Shop page points to
Promo page (default home page) just has /?product_view=list

NB: The WpQuestions website seems to have been DOWN for the 10 days or so!!

Answers (2)


Kyle answers:

It would help if you linked to your site so we can check for errors

bas mistry comments:

you need to login to view the shop

I'll setup an account to check

Kyle comments:

Ok. You can private message me, don't post credentials on here.

Kyle comments:

This was just a simple issue with CSS. The quantity input got too narrow on those pages and was hiding the quantity and arrows. This will solve it:

input.thumbnail-quantity.quantity {
width: 65px !important;


Rempty answers:

Don't forget the plugin only displays on simple products.
If you want the same template for search, taxonomy, shop, you can edit woocommerce.php inside your template folder

//replace woocommerce_content() with this code:
if ( is_singular( 'product' ) ) {
woocommerce_get_template( 'archive-product.php' );

bas mistry comments:

I would prefer not having to hack core files!

I don't see a woocommerce_content() in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce > woocommerce.php

Rempty comments:

Not inside plugins, inside your theme edit woocommerce.php

bas mistry comments:

no - no woocommerce.php in there

There is a Woocommerce Folder in /themes/Avada but no woocommerce.php in any subfolder

Rempty comments:

I made some tests with Avada 3.4.1, and work fine, maybe you are searching products with variations.

bas mistry comments:


Mine is Avada 3.8.6 - I haven't upgrade to the latest (still wp 4.2.5) too

Rempty comments:

Can u send me via PM the webpage to check?