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Woocommerce reviews not showing up! WordPress


I can see my reviews in the backend but can't get them to display on the product pages. I think it is a theme issue as I have two websites using the same theme & plugins and only have this problem on one version.

website is

Attaching a picture of the website that is working (my US one). Also other minor thing would be that I'd like the stars to show up as yellow instead of the same color as the text.

Answers (1)


Reigel Gallarde answers:

I can see your review down below the page.

also the color of the star can be changed using css like this..

.star-rating:before, .star-rating span:before {
color: #EFFF00;

you may need to change the color in this one...

eyeroll comments:

That's my american page. My canadian page doesn't show that part. This is how the page I want to fix looks like.