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Woocommerce Shipping option price showing next to free shipping WordPress



I have a free shipping option set up but in the cart it shows Shipping Included: $15.00.
I need the $15.00 to go away as there is no shipping price for this option. Please use this link and add a product to the cart and view cart to see the issue.

I need to know what php file to go into to remove this price.

Answers (1)


Farid answers:

Have you checked the WooCommerce settings for shipping carefully?

See this screenshot:

Ensure there is no shipping classes is added.

movino4me comments:

yes identical set up from sister site
I see this in firebug but don't know the code to get rid of it
<span class="coocommecre-price-currentySymbol">$</span

are you not seeing the same?

Farid comments:

This is how I see it:

Can you share a screenshot of that area you are talking about?


movino4me comments:

same area and it seems to be adding $5 per item in the cart for the free shipping. I had three and it was showing $15.00

Farid comments:

Please use this option to disable shipping cost and send items free of cost as guided in this screenshot:

movino4me comments:

unfortunately, removing my shipping classes took away the custom upgrade options for different items so now the price is gone but all items get the same shipping...

Farid comments:

Which upgrade options? If you are talking about the variations then it is something you can add from the products edit/add pages.

See this screenshot:

movino4me comments:

sorry we are missing each other, they were my shipping options that you had me remove not variations like color. Magnum, wood box, bottle each had their own upgrade to speed up shipping. I apologize, in the past i have received a quick css fix to an issue but that may not be possible.