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Woocommerce - Email validation hook or filter WordPress


I am using Woocommerce and am trying to modify the function that checks if an email is a duplicate. Instead of what usually happens I want this to happen...

- Somebody tries to register with an existing email address
- Woocommerce detects that this is a duplicate
- Woocommerce automatically assigns it a random email address instead

I can achieve this easily by changing the following in wc-user-functions.php..

if ( email_exists( $email ) ) {
return new WP_Error( 'registration-error', __( 'An account is already registered with your email address. Please login.', 'woocommerce' ) );


if ( email_exists( $email ) ) {
$length = 5;
$randomString = substr(str_shuffle("0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"), 0, $length);
$email = ''. $randomString . '';

Now what I need to do is create this same functionality but using a hook or filter so it can safely be run from my child themes functions.php file instead of hacking the core.

Can anyone help?

Answers (1)


Dbranes answers:

The <em>email_exists()</em> WordPress core function uses the pluggable <em>get_user_by()</em> function.

You could then override it with your own version that returns <em>false</em> if the email exists within the Woo context, with your own filter for example. You could also modify the email within the <em>WP_User</em> object returned from that function.

Then you could additionally use the <em>woocommerce_new_customer_data</em> filter if you need to.


Here's an untested example to put into your <em>functions.php</em> file:

* Override the pluggable get_user_by function.

function get_user_by( $field, $value ) {
$userdata = WP_User::get_data_by( $field, $value );

if ( !$userdata ) {
return false;

$user = new WP_User;
$user->init( $userdata );

// We only add this line:
$user = apply_filters( 'wpq_get_user_by', $user, $field, $value );

return $user;

* Allow duplicate emails in Woo registration

add_filter( 'woocommerce_process_registration_errors', 'wpq_woocommerce_process_registration_errors' );

function wpq_woocommerce_process_registration_errors( $validation_error ) {
add_filter( 'wpq_get_user_by','wpq_get_user_by', 10, 3 );
return $validation_error;

function wpq_get_user_by( $user, $field, $value ) {
if( 'email' === $field ) {
$user = false;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_new_customer_data', 'wpq_woocommerce_new_customer_data' );
return $user;

function wpq_woocommerce_new_customer_data( $userdata ){
$userdata['email'] = uniqid( 'fake_', true ) . '';
return $userdata;