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Woocommerce Custom Taxonomies WordPress

Hey Guys,
Not sure if anyone else has had the issue of adding custom taxonomies to Woocommerce and the sorting set in the back end has no affect on it.

Is there anyway of getting around this so all taxonomies linked to Woocommerce have the same product sorting?

On top of this, the column/product count per page does not affect the Custom Taxonomies either.

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Susanta K Beura answers:


You can try plugin.

Source of Information/Ref:

WP Guru

floy comments:

That particular article doesn't seem to relate to my issue.

I have registered new taxonomies linked to the woocommerce plugin without any issues. Just a few functions do not work such as product sorting or changing how many products are displayed per page within those taxonomies. For some reason the custom taxonomies ignore those woocommerce settings.