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Woocommerce Attributes in Header of Email Order Form WordPress



I would like to make you understand very easily so that you can come up early.

Let's say I've 5 products which have same attributes, "Delivery".

However, for each product I've given different values, like 5 days, 10 days, 12 days, 20 days or 25 days.

Now I've to display only 14 days on Email Order,if let's say customer added all the 5 products.
10 days if they added product that has 10 days Delivery attribute.

I have different delivery dates for different product so I can't restrict in letting the client choose their desire date.

Now for your easiness, look at this code in the email-order-items.php

// Variation
if ( $item_meta->meta ) {
echo '<br/><small>' . nl2br( $_product->get_attribute( 'delivery' ) ) . '</small>';

I want to tweak the same code and put that under email-header.php, but I need your help for displaying in such a way how I posted about.

You're inputs will be much appreciated!


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Romel Apuya answers:


Shoeb mirza comments:

Very much impressed by the work he's done! Much appreciated!!!