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Remove details from the related products i.e (as of 16th September 2016 3:49pm & FREE Shipping details) on

I want them to be displayed just like the products on the home page (

Answers (2)


Shoeb mirza answers:

.related.products span.WooZone-free-shipping {
display: none;

.related.products em.WooZone-price-info {
display: none;

This code will remove your requested things.

If you want to delete Details let me know

suddy12007 comments:

Thank you, that worked


Andrea P answers:


that appears to be printed out by a plugin called WooZone.
I guess that if the plugin is decent, it should have some kind of option to decide what to display, so you should be able to turn off the displaying of the shipping information and also the "price information" note (as of 16th..)

can you have a look and let me know? otherwise we could hide it with css..

Andrea P comments:

ahah, that's cool Shoeb.
actually you might be smarter than me indeed.
for $5 dollars it doesn't worth to find an actual solution for the problem.
let's just hide the html with some css, so the code will still be there but people can't see it.. ;)

there is probably a better solution though. if they don't have an option in the backend, the plugin will probably add those things to a woocommerce hook, and so it would be best to figure out which hook it is and remove their actions. (by instance, he could ask to the plugin's developers and I'm sure they can tell him how to do it).

otherwise, he could just be happy with a dirty css hack and give you $5. is up to him. :)


suddy12007 comments:

woocommerce hook?