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Woo new order customization - BIDS WordPress


I am looking for custom emails generated from each active gateway on my Woocommerce site.

Each gateway needs to have customized "instruction" fields and a parameter number on when to rotate the instructions after so many orders.


Cheque Payment Gateway.
Comes with the default instructions field which is sent to the customer on a new order email.

I need 19 more additional "instruction" fields where I can enter new instructions/text.

I need orders per instruction parameter, so when that number of new orders is hit, the system then emails the next set of instructions.

if my parameter is set to 5.

I get orders 1-5, those orders are sent a new order email using the text in "instructions".
Order 6-10, then get sent the an email with the text in "instructions 2", and all the way up to Instructions 20.

After Instructions 20 it begins all over again with Instructions 1.

The counter of new orders must ONLY count the new orders that use that specific payment gateway.

So if Cheque is on #3, but Paypal has 3 new orders, Cheque still is on #3.

<em><strong>Looking for Bids on this.</strong></em>

must not update the Woocommerce core and be upgradeable without having to edit any core files.

Answers (1)


Romel Apuya answers:

CUrrently working on this.
will post the code