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WooThemes/woocommerce Products Page Problem WordPress


I am trying to fix my website but I have been having trouble with my products page. I have gone through a couple of developers and they say it has to be hard coded. However, know one is finding a good solution.

I have a wordpress website using woo themes, and I am trying to build a products page <strong>exactly</strong> like this site:


You can see my products page here:

The best solution I have gotten to get the tabs right with woocommerece is:

<blockquote>“We are able to changed the text "Sort by popularity" to "Rotary products" but the functionality is not same.
Both the tab functionality are different.
This site tabs are features of the products.Means one product 'a' which belongs to the category 'b' and product feature 'c(like rotary products)'.So when you click on the 'c' tab then all the products which belongs to the category 'b' and whose features 'c'
are shows in the list.

But in your site tabs are sorting option.Means some products are showing whose category 'b'.When you click on the tab 'c(like popularity)' then those products shows again but their serial number changed(whose popularity is best shows first).

In your site(wocommerce) there is no option for product features so it is not possible.

Are these tab text changeable?
Yes it is changeable visit wp-contents-->plugins->woocommerce-->templates-->loop-->orderby.php.
Open orderby.php then you can see a array like 'menu_order' => __( 'Default sorting', 'woocommerce' ).
First one 'menu_order' is value,do not chnage it.
Then 'Default sorting',it is the text which shows in the tab. You can change those text.”</blockquote>

As you can see this doesn’t help out because it won’t filter right and I need different text for different products.

I am thinking that maybe I will have to install 3 different product pages to get the tabs text right, but I am not sure if I will be able to sort them.


Has anyone ever encountered something like this or what do you think the best solution to this problem would be.</strong>

<strong>Thank you for your time and any help on this problem.</strong>

Best Regards,


Answers (1)


Yakir Sitbon answers:

You can write it in your own code.. And create your action to setup session filter.

This is what you need, right?