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WooCommerce pre-order on duplicate website not working WordPress


I installed a new version of WordPress (4.1.1) and installed WooCommerce (2.3.5) and WooCommerce Pre-Orders (1.4.0). With this configuration I was successfully able to configure a pre-orderable product that displayed correctly on the website.

Having confirmed this functionality worked, I tried to apply it to the live website. Unfortunately despite having the same versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, and WooCommerce Pre-Orders, none of the pre-ordering functionality displays, and the pre-orderable product simply looks like a regular purchasable product.

I have since disabled all of the plugins on site #2 (the live site) so that practically a duplicate of the test site, and I've added the theme I'm using on the live site to the test website, to make the websites as identical as possible.

Since then I have duplicated the live website to my own server to see if there were any differences in the hosting account - to no avail.

I need somebody to identify why the pre-orders are working on the test website, but not on the live website, even though the websites are practically identical.

Test website -
Live website (duplicate on my server) -

Answers (1)


Romel Apuya answers:

are the products have same settings??
coz ive seen that the product id on the other is 11 and the other is 824... if its a clone then should have same id.

can you give screenshot of each product settings??

Dan Davies comments:

It's not a clone of the database, but the products are the same.

Romel Apuya comments:

its working now. you just need to resave settings.

Dan Davies comments:

Oh, simple fix! Thanks!