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WooCommerce, Multilingual and Multiple Stripe Accounts WordPress



What I'm trying to set up is the following:

One wordpress website
Which is multilingual
When you buy a product from one language site it uses a specific stripe account
When you purchase a product you can choose a payment plan

We help our clients sell a service (meditation), our clients are the national organisations (so there is one private company in Germany - that's one client). We have many clients all around the world.

We get a cut of the revenue to put back into marketing. Usually the money goes to the client first and then they pay us but they won't mind if we take our cut at the time of the transaction in case that helps with organising the stripe accounts.

How can I accomplish this? In particular the language dictated stripe account.

I have gotten quite far with this:
WPML Wordpress Multilingual
WooCommerce Deposits
WooCommerce Multilingual
WooCommerce Stripe Gateway

Thanks for your time,


Answers (1)


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Damian,

You should use Stripe Connect: