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WooCommerce Add-on for radio buttons? WordPress



A client of mine needs to have "radio button options" on their products so people can upgrade or choose a warranty.

Is this possible via a WP plugin or WooCommerce add-on?

Here is the link if needed:

This is the part we want to replicate:

Thanks !

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Firoja_Imtosupport answers:


Please check below link



Maryke Janse van Rensburg answers: is the plugin you're looking for.


timDesain Nanang answers:

<blockquote>Firoja_Imtosupport says:
Please check below link

- install the plugin above
- add new/ edit product
- select Product Data as Variable Product
- click Attributes tab, then add new attribute
- fill in the form, then click <strong>Save attibutes</strong> button ([[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]])
- click Variations tab, then click <strong>Link all variations</strong> button
- fill the form [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]
- click Publish/Update button

<blockquote>How do I set different prices for each variation?</blockquote>
refer to the 6th and 7th step, fill the regular price field for each price variation (see attachment)

king2244 comments:

Awesome!! Thank you so much :)

king2244 comments:

How do I set different prices for each variation?

Let's say variation #1 is 1-year warranty that costs $100 & variation #2 is a 2-year warranty that costs $200.

Thank you


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:


You can also insert it into the checkout: and this will be saved in the order.