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Wonky Nav Bar CSS WordPress


For some reason, the nav bar is loading three different ways on this site:

THe drop down (on People and Publications) loads one way on the home page, another on the Publications page, and a third way on every other page, including the Research page. I want ALL of the pages to load like the Research Page.


Answers (2)


Jatin Soni answers:

I dont' understand. It seems everything fine there. Can you ple attache image or something which describe more details.

ohlivia13 comments:

I don't understand either! It was acting all weird in FF, but all seems well now. Thanks for your time!


Chad Bush answers:

In Chrome on Mac OS X Lion, I don't see any difference between the nav on those pages. Please specify which browser/OS you're using, and describe how the nav bar loads differently from page to page.