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Widget CSS Issues & Cleaning up a custom theme WordPress


I had a designer redo one of my sites, but I do not really trust him anymore to get into my site as we attempt to deploy his design.

What I need is someone to come in and fix the following issues with this design: (We will be mapping once we finish it)

First - the widget area is apparently left out of the css style sheet. I want a read for widget titles - even if hyperlinked. Also - make the text look better in the widgets.

In the center column, I want a date and time inserted between the headline of the post and the start of the content. There is an articleimg tag that we do use, so we do not want that to go away. At the end of the post we want a READ MORE link in red instead of the [...]

In that center column we actually want just the BOLD STOCK category showing instead of all posts. The left column is a widget column. There I want to replace the category listing with a listing of all categories EXCEPT BOLD STOCK.

FYI, I need a great go-to person I can get to do such stuff in the future on various sites. Worpdress multisite experience would be fantastic.

Let me know how much. I am not sure how this site works, so feel free to explain that as well.


Answers (2)


Duncan O'Neill answers:


I can do this work for you.

Please contact me at [email protected] for a reasonable quote for the following jobs you list above;

- widgettitles included in widgets and styled via css
- widget text adjusted via css ( line-height by the look of it )
- re-install date and time meta content
- 'read more' replaces '[..]'
- centre column showing ONLY Bold stock posts ( alter WP query slightly )
- widget for left column listing all posts EXCEPT Bold Stock posts

I can start almost immediately, and probably ( barring unforseen issues ) have it completed the same day.

Price negotiable.




S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

send me an email with your theme folder
or with the login to your ftp
and i look at that

I need two hour of work and it will be ready

my price is 50$

maildeseb @ gmail . com