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Why is WP displaying only in mobile format? WordPress


On my HP Desktop (XP Pro) and my HP Pro laptop (Win 7), on any browser I try (Explorer, Firefox, etc.), WordPress appears in the mobile format ... even though I'm not using a mobile device. I can't get WordPress or my blog on WordPress to display in a non-mobile format on a standard computer using a standard browser. (Other websites display just fine.)

I am not using any mobile display plugins.

I am using Woothemes Canvas theme and do not see any reference to viewport or device-width in the Canvas child header php file?

This is the url for the website:

Answers (3)


Fahad Murtaza answers:

Its w3 total cache problem, please disable it and check. Then recreate the cache once enabled again.

breezin comments:

Thanks that was a great start, but the one after was more helpful overall for this issue. Thanks!


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

Yes, it seems to be a cache problem. I had this problem and I solve it in this way;
1. Uninstall all cache plugins.
2. Install WP SuperCache
3. In WPtouch settings you have to find the list of “user-agent” that makes work the plugin, it use to be: Android, CUPCAKE, Googlebot-Mobile, bada, blackberry 9800, blackberry9500, blackberry9520, blackberry9530, blackberry9550, dream, iPhone, iPod, incognito, s8000, webOS, webmate
4. Copy this list
5. Go cache settings, find rejected user-agents and copy this list with a newline between elements
6. Save and now it should work perfectly

If you need more help, tell me.

breezin comments:

I was not able to change the home page on WPtouch, but overall you solution was more helpful than the first one. Thanks!

Francisco Javier Carazo Gil comments:

Vote me please :)


Julio Potier answers:


First, verify your WPtouch settings in “user-agent” list, check if the value is not "*" for example or do not contains ",*," kind of this.

If this is ok, i let you test the Fahd and Francisco answers.

See you