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Why is LayerSlider is disappearing? WordPress


LayerSlider was integrated into my Inspired Wordpress theme. All of a sudden, layers and sublayers disapear as if content was never there. I painstakingly rebuilt the slideshow, saved it and duplicated a backup last night, this morning…gone again. The LayerSlider (version 3.5.1) is located on the <strong>Home Page</strong> of

Answers (3)


Kyle answers:

It appears normal on my screen. Try clearing your cache

It seems like it goes to the end of the slideshow and then does not restart

missmedia7 comments:

There are slides and content missing. Slide 4 should be have alot more content along with a Vimeo Video. Slide 5 is completely empty but it should be populated with both images and content I have cleared cached on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE. Still missing. Also, on the backend (WP Dashboard) when I attempt to edit, nothing is populated. I have attached what Slide 4 should be