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Why is Chrome showing a broken display with my theme? WordPress



I have developed a blog at The display seems fine on Safari and Firefox, but broken in Chrome - the content displays <strong>below</strong> the left sidebar. I don't know if it does this in Windows.

The theme is Bon Press by WPZOOM.

Kind regards

Answers (2)


zebra webdesigns answers:

Hi Joss

There might be some div not closed properly or there is extra </div> in your sidebar widget.
Please check one by one.

The fact is your wrapper is closed even before the main div.
Thats the problem in few mins I will provide the exact widget which is causing the problem

zebra webdesigns comments:

I am still investigating the exact Div.

You can see the list of errors by validating your site.

and you can see the following error

Line 1346, Column 7: Stray end tag div.

zebra webdesigns comments:

Hi Joss the problem should be in the sidebar search widget.
At first I couldnt find the problem in windows as the site showed normal as like in firefox.
But when I zoom in the site. then I see how it brokes.

there is div class missing before search form

<div class="w_content">

So please check it.
have a good day.

zebra webdesigns comments:

Balanean please zoom the site. You will see the issue.

Joss Frimond comments:

Thanks Zebra,

Where can I add that in? In which php file?

Kind regards

zebra webdesigns comments:

Hello Joss Frimond.

I hope the search is coming from a widget.
But to examine this exactly I need the login details.
or you can share the screen through team viewer and I can help you.

PM me or mail me at [email protected]
skype ID: bhuvan530531


Balanean Corneliu answers:

I have tested on Windows 7 mozila firefox and chrome and its everything ok i dont see nothing strange.

Balanean Corneliu comments:

Yes you right Zebra if i zoomed i see the main is going down.
A normal screen have max width:960px and you have just for the main 1000px i think this is the reason of your problem.

Try to change in your style.css line 140 with my code. your code have width:1000px;

#main {
background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #F6F5EF;
float: left;
width: 800px;