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What themes am I allowed to use on WordPress


I have a client request for a theme change for a free site on The site is private so, sadly, I can not show it to you.

I have not dealt with but I understand there are limits on what themes can be used?

The client wants a theme with a wide main column, and also "categories listed, tags listed, recent entries, archive and search tool".

Any suggestions? Where do I look?

Answers (4)


Dan | gteh answers:

You can only use themes available in dasgboard of the wordpress site un appearance. You cannot upload uo ur own or modify source code

They only give you access to change css on any theme you install on


Navjot Singh answers:

You can only use [[LINK href=""]]themes available[[/LINK]] from the Dashboard which includes both free and [[LINK href=""]]paid themes[[/LINK]]. You can also buy a [[LINK href=""]]CSS Upgrade[[/LINK]] and change the style and colors. Ask your client to look at the available themes and he can then request changes to be done on them after [[LINK href=""]]buying the Upgrade[[/LINK]].


Maor Barazany answers:

You can't upload you own themes to, but only use themes that are in the dashboard , these themes are being activated by the admins.
You also cannot edit themes that are placed there, nor install plugins, just activate plugin that are available in the system.
If you need customization - the client should use self hosted solution.


Denzel Chia answers: is a free blog, you cannot "do anything" that has potential to crash the server or make it unsecured. is free, you can always create an account to try it out.