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What slider is being used on this site? WordPress


Hi Guys

there are two types of slider being used on this page

1. Nivo Slider
2. ? not sure

Can someone tell me how the other slider is working? I cannot see a plugin

this is the page code

<h1>Have a scroll through our slideshows!</h1>
[nivoslider id="791"]
<h2>Rubies In The Smoke</h2>
<h2>[gallery type="slideshow" ids="663,664,662,660,666,665"]</h2>
<h2>Rubies In The Attic</h2>
[gallery type="slideshow" ids="661,657,655,654,653,658"]
<h2>Behind The Scenes</h2>
[gallery type="slideshow" ids="667,668,669,670,672,671"]
<h2>Private Event Work</h2>
[gallery type="slideshow" ids="679,676,673"]

Answers (6)


Balanean Corneliu answers:

Second slider is using

Balanean Corneliu comments:

Sam have just take my pie :P I was write the source plugin, but you need the Sam to for make it to work like theare.

Good job ;)

Steve Watson comments:

Where do I go to manage it? I want to add a new set of images as a slideshow

Steve Watson comments:

ok I've worked it out, you can actually create the slideshow when you upload the images to the media library. You learn a new thing everyday! :)

Balanean Corneliu comments:

I'm glad you have done well with this problem to ;)


Sabby Sam answers:

Hi Steve,
They are using the jetpack slider. Here is the slider name and link ( Slideshow Captions for Jetpack )


Kyle answers:

That site is down


Hariprasad Vijayan answers:

Hello Steve,

Can't able to access that url. Showing under maintenance

I think second one (<blockquote>[gallery type="slideshow" ids="663,664,662,660,666,665"]</blockquote>) is wordpress default gallery. Not plugin.


Leslie Bogaerts answers:

It's not a plugin, they use the gallery shortcode and by adding type="slideshow" they can create a slideshow out of it.


Ehthisham tk answers:

You will get more info about the slider here
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]