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What's the best/easiest plugin for scrolling testimonials... WordPress


Hi Guys

I want to put some testimonials in the SIDEBAR of a site I am doing.

What is the best plugin to do this with? The easier to use the better

Or can I do it with css or jscript directly in a text widget?

I want to rotate about ten testimonials


Answers (2)


Navjot Singh answers:

You can check this:


Navjot Singh comments:

Here's more: and

Navjot Singh comments:

Or if you are looking for a barebones simple solution, you can use a text rotator plugin like [[LINK href=""]]this one[[/LINK]].

Steve Watson comments:

Thanks Navjot, that's perfect.


Gautam Dhedhi answers:

Try this plugin

Very flexible, and easy to use.