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What plugin is this website using? WordPress


I would like to know what plugin is being used at to show the coupons. I have looked at a couple of plugins but haven't found any that is similar.


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Luke America answers:

Actually, site template cloning and PHP source code reconstruction is one of my areas (white hat). Here's a quick overview of the tools that this site uses:


Thesis 1.8 (


Coupons are styled with:
Custom CSS (

Font Replacements (DeshawReg and ShoeboxSerif fonts):
cufon-yui.js (

Coupon Content:
custom post type (internal structure; no plugin)

URL masking:
redirect.php (using the id for each custom post type)
works LIKE:


Sidebar Widgets:

SEO plugin:
All in One SEO (

Google Analytics:

Feedburner RSS:

coupons are generated with:
1. custom post type
2. most likely a hand-coded PHP module (a data scraper)
3. redirect.php
4. coupon data is manually entered from scraper data collection results


Julio Potier answers:


This is not a plugin, this is only posts ...

See you !

badnews comments:

I could be wrong. But it seems like way too many stores for it to be done and updated manually.

Julio Potier comments:

No, this is not custom post type. Why create a custom post type and not use the wp post type !?
Look at source code :
<div class="post-60963 post type-post status-publish format-standard hentry category-home tag-homeclick-com post_box top" id="post-60963">
You can read "post-60963 post type-post" !
if my custom post type is named "foobar" the code will be :
<div class="foobar-60963 foobar type-post status-publish format-standard hentry category-home tag-homeclick-com post_box top" id="foobar-60963">
am i wrong ?

Sorry, but this is not a plugin :/ Therefore i can create you this template in your website.

See you


Dan | gteh answers:

Looks like it is using custom post types for that. no plugin. Custom post type probably has fields to fill in logo, affiliate id, coupon code.


Just Me answers:

yep, all the above ;)


Joe Jenkins answers:

It's possible that they are using a plugin such as this one:


philip answers:

Typically an affiliate intermediary offers an xml or csv feed, updated at intervals, so you could use something like: (not tried this) OR

to download your data.

This last one only costs a few dollars and handles custom post types with ease, leaving you only the choice of how to create your custom posts - by hand or with a plugin / UI.

You could programmatically pull the data in I guess, but from experience being able to stage each part of the import, manage classification, add additional data etc, is fairly important. Or just refresh the whole thing every so often, if everything is provided e.g. retail partner images, meta data. Different affiliate intermediaries provide different (quality) data, which is no small pain.

All you now need is a cracking design / template and a ton of money in your marketing budget ;)