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What is the conflict between my theme and the gravity forms? WordPress


I have a developers licence for Gravity Forms.

I have it installed on my website and it has been working fine until I started using it with the extension for developers.

All my other forms are still working fine. The one I created to accept payments through isn't working as it should be.

Specifically, when you process a credit card, the form "hangs" and no form entry is ever recorded, but, the transaction goes through to

The form is at

When I switch to the twenty ten theme, the form doesn't hang and acts as expected.

So I know the theme has a n issue with the extension for gravity forms.

I do not wish to change themes if I don't have to. Would really like to know what the solution is for getting the form to work with my theme.

if you want to test out the form, by charging a penny 0.01 to it, it will reproduce the issue and I will even void the penny transactions on my end before the batch goes through.

$15 to whoever knows the answer.

Answers (1)


Martin Pham answers:

Enable debug mode to check the problems encountered in your theme

define('WP_DEBUG', true);

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

ccrest comments:

Ok done.

Looks like theres a problem on line 555 of the theme's function.php file.

I looked and there's this function:

if ($_GET['activated']){
global $wpdb;

See anything wrong?

Martin Pham comments:

please paste the error display

Martin Pham comments:

<em>Undefined index</em>
Replace it

if (isset($_GET['activated'])){
global $wpdb;

ccrest comments:

Ok, thank you fro all the advice, I was able to get the form to work. Had to comment out a few things in the code.