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What ecommerce options are there? WordPress


Kurt and Jahn, of [[LINK href=""]]Brooklyn Dry Goods[[/LINK]] have been using WP eCommerce for their online store. Sadly, WP eCommerce is full of bugs that have tripped up Kurt and Jahn in a big way.

I know Dan Milward is a very good programmer, but I think perhaps he and his friends are stretched too thin regarding all of what they are trying to achieve with WP eCommerce.

Kurt and Jahn have been thinking about using [[LINK href=""]]Magento[[/LINK]] instead of WP eCommerce. But Magento is such a big monster, I'd hate to have to work with it, and it seems like maybe overkill for what is needed.

I'm curious about what other options are out here. What shopping carts integrate well with WordPress?


Kurt just wrote and asked me to add this:

" It may be of note that some of the basic functionalities we are looking for is a grid layout, the ability to place items in a specific order, local pickup option for shipping, and sales reports."

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Linda answers:

Hi, I've used Shopp with pretty good success.

**edit -- Sorry forgot the link. [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]



Navjot Singh answers:

Try [[LINK href=""]]shopp[[/LINK]] or [[LINK href=""]]Cart66[[/LINK]]. There are free plugins too like [[LINK href=""]]Yak[[/LINK]] and [[LINK href=""]]eShop[[/LINK]].


Luis Cordova answers:

beware of adopting half baked solutions, or cheap ones, like wp-e-commerce
beware!!! i rather give you up to other options like people has already said above than seeing you with that wp-e-commerce plugin. i would not recommend any plugin really, they all have serious flaws that sooner or later will waste your time, money, clients, etc.

if you are _serious_, committed and professional about e-commerce you will go for not only a custom solution, but for a well developed custom solution developed in a framework like symfony2. Do be serious about e-commerce and you will be able to reap its benefits.

I think all others will be limited in what things can be reused or will have their non standard flavors. Each one will require familiarity already with other specialized plugins that will at the end cost you more $$. It is a candy, you get the candy for free then you will have to go to dentist and will get several extractions that will lead to more surgery $$$ and $$$ and .... frustration, dispair, etc. Never lean on free solutions, they are the worst in this case if they do not rely on a well established solutions. Magento is the only one that could appear reasonable, all others I do not recommend, I actually have you do magento than any other as well.

But better than magento. If you are planning on hiring someone beware that everything is completely custom as you will be forever tied with that developer. That is why I recommend to have a plugin or rather a system for your shop that is standalone, well developed and deployable with standard professional open source tools like symfony2, etc.

this is my rant and 3 cents. Do what you must. But remember i warned you.


Maor Barazany answers:

WP-e-commerce is really likely to be with a lot of bugs.
There are 2 new plugins out there that appears to do good job and you may want to test them, although what Luis wrote.

First is [[LINK href=""]]Jigoshop[[/LINK]]
The second is [[LINK href=""]]WooCommerce[[/LINK]] by WooThemes. They always do great job. (Also their menu system is the one that has been implemented in WP3.0)


rhand answers:

For shops I would normally use [[LINK href=""]]OpenCart[[/LINK]], [[LINK href=""]]Magento[[/LINK]] or perhaps [[LINK href=""]]OSCommerce[[/LINK]]. But if the shop stays small WP Commerce, [[LINK href=""]]WP Shopp[[/LINK]] or [[LINK href=""]]FoxyCart[[/LINK]] integration should be fine. So if you are going to have a store that will eventually expand and get bigger I would use a real Ecommerce OS CMS. If your main site uses WordPress you can always add the OS Ecommerce CMS such as OpenCart to a subdomain like


Bogdan answers:

You can use eShop, Shopp, PHPurchase, QuickShop, WP Live-Shopping or one of the plugins presented up.


Ivaylo Draganov answers:

<strong>1+ for [[LINK href=""]]Jigoshop[[/LINK]]</strong> - ease of installation and use, though presenting powerful features. ([[LINK href=""]]WooCommerce[[/LINK]] is essentially a fork of Jigoshop, there was some buzz and rant about that not long ago)


Hardeep Singh answers:


Your question is very generic and as expected, you would get generic answers to it.

To be more specific, it all depends on the requirements.

- What is expected from the application?
- What is the focus area of the application / website:
- Content centric with few products (Wordpress)
- Lot of Content & lot of products (Wodpress + OpenCart)
- Products centric with some Content (OpenCart)

Answer lies in requirements mapped to above.

For Shopping Cart, I prefer OpenCart, being the one with most clean code and not bulky.
(These are my understanding from experience working with OpenCart and creating plugins as per need of the customer)

If you would like to give us a chance to work with you, we can share few OpenCart implementations done and a complex implementation of OpenCart+Wordpress.
(I can't share the details here due to NDA)

Feel free to reach me at [email protected] for more details and site details.


Lawrence Krubner comments:

I linked to the website, Brooklyn Dry Goods, up above, so you can check it out for yourself.

Hardeep Singh comments:

I did check the site and the only shopping was through the shop link on the top.

Looking at the titles though it seems that it would have all posts for products and would recommend using OpenCart for it.

If you want us to work on it, we can get the same looks as the current site.

Sent a PM with sample site.

- Hardeep


Bob Keen answers:

By far, the best system out there is Infusionsoft. It's a full fledged shopping cart with CRM, autoresponder, ecommerce, automation everywhere you look and tons of other features.

Not cheap but worth every cent.


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Lawrence,

Recently I have did a custom one for a client, so I am also curious to know what are the options.