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Weirdness On My Page WordPress


I boght a wordpress theme, and at first it was trouble. The support team couldn't help me. After a while messing with my server, things started working, and don't even know what I did, if I ever did anything.

I was very happy, life was good, I started testing including lots of entries, until late at night...

The next morning I went to continue my set up job, and there was the problem again.

It's like the info I place in the forms doesn't go through.

If you guys try to add a listing on the link below you're going to know what I'm talking about.

Any ideas? Any solution? Anyone who could make it work?


Answers (2)


juan manuel incaurgarat answers:

the action property on the form has a weird value. it has

it should probably have the value of the same page where you are.
try editing the template for that page and use <?php the_permalink(); ?> instead

lenopappis comments:

Didn't do it. Is there any server config that could cause this?

juan manuel incaurgarat comments:

i dont think so.
i double checked it and the url i told you to change, goes to

the pkg variable seems so be empty or broken
check what value it shoud have and test it

lenopappis comments:

Yes, if you go directly to this link

The package is going to be empty. But you go to this link and choose a package, then in the next screen this value is going to show.

Actually I donĀ“t what file I'm suppose to edit.

What bugs me, is this was working fine. I didn't do any change to my server or the files, and then it stopped working.


Mike Gertrudes answers:

It might be an issue with your server, as it's possible they are blocking your ip address. It's happened to me (and some clients) and the servers/hosts will often do it to protect themselves as they think it's someone trying to attack. All the times it has happened to me it's been inexplicable and with form submissions (in my case it was Gravity Forms). Good luck.