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Website really slow, back and frontend WordPress


Hi all,

My website is really slow for some reason and I don't know what could be the problem. I just tried with pingdom and the front page takes 60 sec to charge...

I have another website with the same provider that works fine so that's definitely coming from my code or my plugins.

I'm using a plugin to empty cache: W3 Total Cache but that doesn't seem to help.

I can't work on it anymore as it is so slow.

Any help really appreciated.

I can put a list of the plugins I use if that help, let me know.


Answers (4)


Luis Abarca answers:

Looks like all your scripts from stored in are loading very slow.

Try to load your scripts from your own server or a different CDN.

artaudlemomo comments:

Hi Luis,

Thank you for your help.

How can I do such thing?


Luis Abarca comments:

Looks like a form plugin is slowing down your site.

1.- Desactivate the form plugin.
2.- Install contact form 7 (or any form generator plugin, like jetpack).

artaudlemomo comments:

I deactivated a plugin called form builder and now my template doesn't seem to load...