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Website doesn't always load first time on certain browsers WordPress


Hey everyone

I'm having a strange problem with a website i'm currently working on,

I've inherited a website from a previous developer, I rebuilt the website into the latest version of wordpress,

My client is experiencing a problem where they attempt to load the website and occasionally (not everytime) the website doesn't load, it just brings up a white screen and appears to infinitely spin - i've attached images they sent me.

I'm struggling to replicate the problem on my side, there have been one or two instances where it has happened on my side but very rarely.

Because i can't replicate the problem i don't know how to troubleshoot it or how to solve it,

I was using a plugin called w3 total cache and i presumed that might have been the error i disabled it, and it still happens on their side,

the main website is
I have uploaded a direct copy to which i'd be happy to provide login details for if requested,

They appear to be using internet explorer 11 to view the site, but the problem is also appearing in chrome, and occasionally the site says there is a security warning,

the site is hosted on a respectible host and they have scanned the site etc, there doesn't appear to be malware or issues related,

I'd just like a new perspective and insight as to what might causing the issue,
and also just to see if people on the community here are experiencing the same problem,
i have no idea how to troubleshoot it,

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
Thank you!


[email protected]

Answers (2)


dimadin answers:

Might be network related problem to site or to external sources it uses. You should learn them to use developer tools in the browser to tell you error from console or to capture video of what is going on in networks tab.


Rempty answers:

The page load fine, but some times in IE the screen get blank for some more seconds but at the end load fine