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Just found this site and can do with some help. I am no :) spring chicken but use the web with out technical know how. I edit film, photograph and write. At present trying to make my own film. I am also trying to create a web presence that does the following, Wordpress for my Website that will help me show and sell my work. I have tried Photoshelter/Smugmug and signed up before I really knew what I was getting in for. Now I am looking at FotoMoto for ecommerce. I would love it to all work seemlessly without costing me, if possible, an arm or a leg. What I also need is somewhere to store and access my images. Hope this makes sense, my domain name is held by Network solutions. I did have a full web site built years ago when I was more sprightly but felt kidnapped by the designer :) thanks in advance. Richard.

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Pixel Coder answers:

WordPress is a great solution to showcase your individual talent. There is a huge community of people just like yourself doing the same.

It's very similar to web designers in the sense we too also have "digital assets" to showcase.

However if you're looking at Photoshelter and Smugmug then thinking about WordPress they are very different things.

If WordPress is for you and you like to own your data then you probably want to hire someone to build a nice WordPress theme that matches your requirements.

If however you are willing to pay a company who has a pre-built solution who take ownership of all of your work then go with Photoshelter / Smugmug.

Long term WordPress is a better solution, it's a one time fee unless you chose to have more work done to the theme over time.

Adversely with Photoshelter and Smugmug, these guys look for subscription models.

Unless they are a bloody good company there are no guarantees.

If I were you, i'd be hiring a WordPress guy now.

I have experience in building portfolio sites for photographers et all, so if that's your deal please do be in touch for a service.


kiwicafe comments:

many thanks for a quick reply Alistair, of course the next question is, cost? sorry to be blunt but I have certainly made some mistakes I could have avoided if I had contacted you guys first, but that is history and I need to move on. Do you have any samples I could look at and also a rough cost and how I could go about it, thanx, Richard.

Pixel Coder comments:

Hello Richard, i'll send you a PM now.

I'd rather not discuss my rates in public.



Espreson Media answers:

I will provide solution for Web, Blog, eCommerce, Combined. PM us...

kiwicafe comments:

sorry to be slow, PM?


Just Me answers:


PM means private/personal message. You can send it by using their profile (click on a name).

The good part of WordPress obvious is, you can try to put something together yourself first. There are no costs in that. If you get stuck, there is a lot of information out there and you could also put another question here. If in the end nothing works, there is still nothing lost, well, your time of course but that is better than money I guess. At that point you can still decide to hire someone to do the job for you.

There are a lot of templates available to display images.

For the shops I have created I use the Shopp plugin. That one is not the easiest to adjust but very easy to use.

kiwicafe comments:

many thanks for such an honest and enlightening answer. I will try this first and come back and let you know, I am looking at FotoMoto and there is also TheTurningGate via Lightroom. Now to connect the dots :)

kiwicafe comments:

ps, the confusion for me has been vs
.org costs, .com is free. however .org is the way for me and I simply need to bite the bullet so to speak and move forward.

Just Me comments:

Even if .org is the thing for you, if you have your own domain you could install (probably even automatically) WordPress (.com) and see how far you get. If it doesn't work, go with .org.