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WP home url comes up blank WordPress


General site structure is like this: = redirects to WP url below = WP site url = WP home url

Problem: When going to it redirects to WP home url, and this page comes up blank. The page works fine if I change the WP home url to something different.

I really need the WP home url to be set to this specific page so that the breadcrumbs will go to this page when a visitor clicks on home.

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Denzel Chia answers:

First of all, remove any url redirection you may have set in your CPanel.

If your WordPress installation is in root directory
Then no redirection on CPanel is needed.

If your WordPress installation is in content folder
If your domain name is the default hosting account name, you will need to set redirection in CPanel to point to
Thus entering
will automatically redirect to

If your WordPress installation is in content folder, but your domain name is not the default hosting account name.
You just need to assign your domain name to point straight to content folder.
Thus entering will lead to your blog.

Get the above setup correctly first, before proceeding to create your blog.
If your blog is already online, you may need to access options table to change your WordPress Address and Site Address. (I can elaborate further if this is the issue.)

Lastly, log into your WordPress Admin, create the page that you want to be your new home page. Go to reading under settings to assign your static page as home page.

Hope the above information is of use to you!



Jesse Petersen answers:

Did you change the index.php in the /content folder by moving it to the root URL and edit:
to say
using the actual folder name for your site install?

If you installed WP in a folder called /site, you must have the following:
WordPress address (URL):
Site address (URL):

move the index.php from /site into the root for the domain and edit the line to read:


Jonah Schulte answers:

Hi Ingrid,

I would be happy to help with this problem, but I need more information before I can assist. Can you post the real URL to your web site so I can see the problem? A link to a working page and non-working page would be great.

To really troubleshoot and fix the problem I would need access to your Wordpress Admin system and most likely access to your FTP site as well. I have over 10 years of experience working on well over 500 web sites such as this one, so there's really no danger to sharing this information with me. The best way to send the information is in a private message so that not everyone who comes across this site can access it! If you send a private message with your email address I can respond in kind and take care of this problem for you. I look forward to fixing it!



Nilesh shiragave answers:

Please send me a private message with the login details. I will let you know what exactly the problem is and the solution for your problem. First let me know your website actual URL.


Mykyta Savchenko answers:

Okay. If i ' ve understand correctly - your main problem is to show breadcrumps on home url to some page. It is possible with editing template files and your settings. Try to open admin panel and to set your static page for index. If this wouldnt help - open index.php and in place where you call you breadcrumps add:

if (is_home()) {
here you should manually enter your path to show ;
} else
call your breadcrumps;


Todd Stowell answers:

Can you verify that your permalinks are set correctly and that the .htaccess file has been set and written to.

If that is set correctly, generally speaking you don't need to set a redirection in the wp_home or wp_site_url fields (those should always be left alone).

You can set the home page to load off of a specific category within the Settings > Reading panel. However, the caveat here is that it would have to be a page. You could fairly easily build a static page template to load content from a category with no problems.

Lastly, if you want users who hit your top level domain to redirect to a section of the site, you could achieve this with an htaccess 301 redirect vs using WordPress to do it.

Example: redirect 301 /


Peter Bouwmeester answers:

Hi Ingrid,
Your question should be more specific for us to be able to help you more accurately.
But to get you in the right direction:

a) what is the url of the troubled installation?
I figured this must be since that's in your WPQuestions profile and i run into a database error for specific urls on that site.
Btw, you might wanna add "http://" in your wpq profile to make your website link work. But that's just more easy for people wanting to visit your site from within wpquestions and wont solve your problem just yet.

b) what software is installed on the domain
Is WordPress the only software being used or is it running next to other installations ~ which must be the case for
WordPress can run next to other software but undesired interference is likely when you dont know how to properly install. Foremost check any .htaccess files in your installation or any rules in your .htaccess file that are not generated by WordPress.

c) pretty url's
if assume that you have "pretty url's" switched on in Settings | Permalinks; pick anything but the default.
And i assume that saving those settings does _not_ lead to a message that you have to manually change file .htaccess.
If either is not the case, you need to correct that.

d) home url, wp url
Your write " = redirects to WP url below" but it's not clear to me whether "WP url" redirects to "WP site url" or "WP home url".
There's a number of settings that have to do with this:
In your general settings you need to specify
- the "wordpress address (url)"; this is the folder in which wp is physically installed (ie this folder contains wp-config.php amonst others)
- the "blog address (url)"; this is the url that gives access to the home page of your installation (note: this _can_ be different from the home page of your domain!)
I believe from your question that your settings are correct

e) wp home
Next you need to specify what is to be shown on the landing page of your wordpress installation. For this you need to specify the "front page displays" under Settings | Reading.
On your case i believe this needs to be 'a static page' after which you have to select the proper page from the page dropdown.

f) breadcrumbs
there are no standard breadcrumbs in WordPress which means that you are either using a plugin or a theme that has specific breadcrumb functionality.
I've worked with several of the available breadcrumb plugins and not all of them properly support a specific home page.
Do you know about the plugin or theme you're using?
Btw, the same incorrect home links could be placed on header image and the like as well; you might wanna check that.

g) trailing slash or not
maybe you are already aware of this, but there is an important difference between (for example) and
the primer asks for the default file (normally index.php or index.html) in folder 'content' whereas the latter will trigger WP's rules to check for an individual page (or category, or tag or...) with that name.
I know from experience that this can espcially be an issue causing a blank home page (where other pages will just lead to an unnoticed redirect to the proper address)

Well, this makes fun! :) Hope it helps.