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WP estore not charging shipping or tax WordPress


I have just updated the 'WP estore' plug in. It has worked flawlessly for four years. After the update, it no longer charges shipping or tax.

Please see the attached screen cap. I have the correct boxes ticked for PayPal Profile Based Shipping. Nothing has changed at PayPal.

Downloaded products are still sold and delivered correctly. Only products that are to be shipped and taxed are not being charged shipping and tax.

I have checked and re-checked everything but I must be missing something. All products are configured correctly based on weight. Tax is charged automatically through PayPal only to California residents. I have checked PayPal and nothing has changed there. The only thing I did was update the plugin.

I have removed all shippable products on my site until I can get this solved.

Answers (1)


Rempty answers:

The problem was the new plugin, the old plugin was uploaded again and now all is working fine.

Sam comments:

Thank you, that was indeed the problem!