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WP e-commerce plugin messed with my site! Any ideas? WordPress

I'm currently running a network site on wp3.1, with subdomains and buddypress.

This afternoon I downloaded WP e-commerce plugin ( to see what its functionality was and how it worked. When I network activated it, the homepages of each of the sites were altered a bit...they displayed a blog entry page, rather than the homepage.
I network deactivated the plugin, but now there are other problems. I deleted the plugin, but the problems persist.

One problem is that from the main site's page ( you can't enter a group. You can click on Groups in the top nav, and it will display the list of groups, but then when you click on one, it takes you back to the home page.
For example, for the page:
should show a Mobile Money Interest Group, but instead shows the homepage, with some funky breadcrumbs (below the top nav)

This doesn't seem to be happening on the subdomains. For example,
is working fine.

Another issue is not all of the posts are displaying in the subdomains. They are in the backend of the sites, but are not displaying on the frontend. For example, doesn't show any posts older than June 2, however I can see all the posts in the backend.

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Sarah Gooding answers:

I suggest that you switch to MarketPress, which is another free e-commerce plugin but it was built with WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress in mind and is perfectly compatible across the board.

WP E-Commerce is known for having issues with multisite networks and I don't think it's a top priority of development for them.

I wrote an article today about how you can switch from WP E-Commerce to MarketPress in one click: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] The product importer will move all of your products for you automatically.

Try resetting your permalinks on the main site and see if that fixes the problems that WP E-Commerce created in your installation.

Laurie Moy comments:

Thanks for the quick reply! Resetting the permalinks worked for the groups there any harm in trying it on the subdomain sites to fix the lack of older posts displayed?

Laurie Moy comments:

Slight correction...the pages are set to show 10 posts, and that's how many they are showing. However, there is no link/button for "show older posts"...

Sarah Gooding comments:

This might be an issue with your theme not having the links included, in which case you'd need to paste in some code for that. Try switching your site to the default WordPress theme and see if you get the links then.

Laurie Moy comments:

Hi Sarah, I switched to the default, and the "previous entries" does show up. I know that is was there before in my current them (BP-Daily). I have the original files...can you tell me what snippets of code I should be looking for and where to put them? If its that's easy? Thanks!