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WP e-commerce Disregard Shipping for this Product not working WordPress



<strong>Here's my setup:</strong>
WordPress: 3.1.3
WP e-commerce: 3.8.4
Gold Cart: 2.9.2
WP e-Commerce DL manager: 1.0
Magic Members: 1.6.0

and a few other plugins that were installed before I installed WP e-commerce.

<strong>Here's the issue</strong>
Having an issue with WP e-commerce plugin gold cart, digital downloads and the "Disregard Shipping for this Product" box being checked. I have seen a lot of people having this issue but not as many with the newest release like I have.

When someone adds a product to their cart that is setup with the "Disregard Shipping for this Product" box being checked they cannot checkout when they click the Purchase button. The cart just refreshes the page with no error messages. Even if I type in a bogus CC #.

If I have a physical product in the cart or just by itself then the customer can checkout and will receive error messages if the CC# is wrong.

We're using flat rate shipping. I was able to solve the issue before when we didn't have a value in the continental 48 states box. Once I put a value in there it worked. Then mysteriously it's not working again.

Got a handful of issues with WP e-commerce pretty un-happy with it as I sold it to my client and now they are having to deal with it. I'd love to find someone I can hire/pay to help me with these issues. I get no help from the support forum over there or with the premium support.

Would love some help on this as I am stumped. I am a web designer and know WP very well...I just don't have any time to spend on this...and don't want to hack at the core code. Willing to pay!



Answers (1)


Utkarsh Kukreti answers:

It seems that this bug was fixed 4 weeks ago in the Trunk version of WP-Ecommerce.

Applying this patch manually to the plugin should fix this.

Changeset: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

<blockquote>Fix: Submitting a checkout form with mandatory billing state only refreshes the form although everything is filled out correctly.</blockquote>

Edit: If you want me to try to apply this on the site, you can contact me from my profile.

B Brown comments:

Hello Utkarsh,

I tried to apply that fix and noticed that a similar fix was already in my code.

// dirty hack
if ( $form_data->unique_name == 'billingstate' && empty( $value ) ) {
$billing_country_id = $wpdb->get_var( "SELECT `" . WPSC_TABLE_CHECKOUT_FORMS . "`.`id` FROM `" . WPSC_TABLE_CHECKOUT_FORMS . "` WHERE `unique_name` = 'billingcountry' AND active = '1' " );
$value = $_POST['collected_data'][$billing_country_id][1];

The only difference I could see was the:
AND active = '1' "

Any way I did change it to the patched version and I still was not able to check out.

Thanks for the link, if you have any other ideas I'm all ears.

Utkarsh Kukreti comments:

Ah. Could you try the latest development version of the plugin to see if the problem still persists?

B Brown comments:

Thanks Utkarsh, I am using that version. I just hired some people on Elance to resolve the issue. Hopefully they can fix it. Thanks for your suggestions though.