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WP Them mouse hover Lag WordPress


I am currently building a website using a WP theme.

It is a very basic store website which has products listed. These products highlight up on a mouse hover. This looks nice, however if you spam your mouse along the products, this effects carries on and will carry on many seconds after the mouse has been moved away from the products.

The website is and the problems can be found on the homepage and

If anyone can resolve this problem (which hopefully is simple javascript one) the prize is yours.

FTP details sent on request


Answers (3)


Nirmal answers:

I can fix. Please PM me the FTP details.
[email protected]

Nirmal comments:

I have fixed it.


Plugarized answers:

I believe that is a transition effect, it is not a bug or error, that is how it was configured to behave

if you want to get rid of this effect easily without much editing just add the following to your styles .css

.product_image {
opacity: 1 !important;


Duncan O'Neill answers:

Hi there, I've just been to the page and tested it, Firefox25, Safari 5.1.7, and IE10 on Windows7. In all browsers, the javascript hover effects are working fine. There is little or no delay in the mouseover effects showing, and there is little or no delay in the mouseout effects. Is it possible that the delays happening on your machine are the result of overload on your machine?