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WP REST API, orderby distance WordPress


I am pretty new to extending wordpress queries, but I do have some knowledge of the ins and outs and feel that I can follow along.

I am building an angular application that uses wordpress as the backend.

In wordpress I am using the WP REST API ( v2 and the Advance custom fields plugin (ACF).

I would like to be able to call the rest API and order the posts by distance from the user, using the ACF location as well as the users location.

I would imaging the call to look something like this:,13.7562836

I found a similar question that also uses the law of cosin to work out the distance

I am just not confident on how to apply this to the result of a WP REST query or how to use the ACF results meta field data.

Answers (2)


Reigel Gallarde answers:

are you using custom post type? or just the post?

Klutz comments:

Hi Reigel,

This is just for normal posts.
(But in the future I might want to extend this for custom-post types, would this be quiet different?)

Klutz comments:

Hi Reigel,

This is just for normal posts.
(But in the future I might want to extend this for custom-post types, would this be quiet different?)

Reigel Gallarde comments:

The reason I asked is because "wp-json/wp/v2/posts/" is intended for post post type... we can filter it, but it will not be a good idea because this will also affect requests that are not rest api related...

so here's how I think a better way...

we will add endpoint.. [[LINK href=""]]sample here[[/LINK]]

and here's what I have so far... [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

on function wp_json_namespace_v2__posts, we use our own WP_Query... this way, we can change post_type in the future...

another thing to note in on the function my_geo_join... you need to change the meta_key according to what you have... mine has 'lat' and 'lon' meta keys.. you may need to change this to your ACF field lat/long...

you can then browse it with the url like this,,lon
where lat and lon are valid coordinates...

you could also change "namespace/v2/posts/" to something you like... just look at function wp_json_namespace_v2__rest_api_init...

Reigel Gallarde comments:



example call,123.9972950

Reigel Gallarde comments:

I have new version... this version uses filter so we can use the current functionality of rest api..

the code: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

sample link:,123.9972950

you still have to change meta keys in function my_geo_join..

if nothing goes wrong, this would add a field to the result that looks like this:

geolocation: {
latitude: "10.3402620",
longitude: "123.9415520",
distance: "6.368880746600806"

Reigel Gallarde comments:

have you got the chance to try my solutions?

Klutz comments:

Hi Reigel,

Wow thanks so much!
I havent had a chance to have a look at the solution just yet, but it makes sense.
I will try this first thing in the morning and let you know.

Thanks again for the help.

Reigel Gallarde comments:

Okay... just let me know if you need anything...

Reigel Gallarde comments:

any progress on this?


Rempty answers:

Hello Klutz, do you have the distance as a meta_key or want calculate the distance and order with this new value?

Klutz comments:

Hi Rempy,

Much like the example, I have the users lat/long and the posts lat/long (through ACF field).
And using the Haversine function (cos(d/R)=cos(lat1)cos(lat2)cos(long2-long1)+sin(lat1)sin(lat2)), I want to order the posts by distance ASC.

The difference from the example is that I am trying to use this through WP REST API (

I hope that makes sense?