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WP Plugin Auto Generate Posts from all images in a post on Editor WordPress

1) Add a button - to the editor screen side bar, called - Images To Posts.

2) The code will get all the images in the "Draft post" and make a new post for each image.

3) If the title tag of image is set, then the title for the newly created post will be the title tag text otherwise the image filename can be used as the title for the newly created post.

4) A new category will be added for the image posts which will be Post_ID of the original post being processed. The newly category should be descendant category of the Draft Editor Screen post category and the bread crumb on the newly created post should look like this

Home >> Draft Post Editor Post Category >> Draft Post Editor Title >> Newly Created Category

5) The plugin will then set the href for each image on the Draft editor screen page to URL of the newly created post for that image.

6) All the newly auto generated image posts will not be visible from the front page.

A. Care should be taken not to duplicate the image posts if the Images To Posts button is clicked twice.

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