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WP Garnish Theme: Magic Door not opening in Safari and IE WordPress


Magic door feature doesn't open to reveal portfolio sample when thumbnail is clicked.

Is this a code fix in the home-magicdoor.php file?

This theme and site is pointless if this feature doesn't work, please help.


Answers (2)


Christianto answers:


What is the site?
maybe is same like [[LINK href=""]]this question that I solve..[[/LINK]]

dwells001 comments:

Site is

I tried updating the magic door php file linked to the IE issue by deleting the <div> etc.
Still not working for me. Firefox works most of the time. It's not working for me at the moment.

Marko- looked on the forum, can't find the answer there either.

Christianto comments:

It xml Access-Control-Allow-Origin error, the url of requested data should same..
on your site it requested to

so if you visit the site with www. prefix it won't work

but if without it, it works

dwells001 comments:

I see, makes sense. I would like to have this work with rather than Can and where do I modify this? Or am I needing to use from now on?

Christianto comments:

There are div with id 'magic-door', it contain attribute 'data-url' which will supply the url
<div id="magic-door" data-url="this-is-data-url">

you can check it to see if you can add www to it.

Christianto comments:

On IE if you can visit it at
The ajax can run but it didn't show, I think it css problem, since content is changing if we click other thumbnail..

I need to check it further.

Christianto comments:

Donny, on IE its add height=1 to image element inside div.slides_control

<div class="slides_control">
<img alt=Dell src="" height=1 jQuery17106561794481825582="99">

I check on both on Iron(chrome-safari like webkit based) and IE the ajax url
On Iron it return only height without any value but on IE return the image with height:1

maybe if we don't supply any value for height, IE will set it to 1

you can check home-magicdoor.php for this on line 142
and it connected with line 36
$height = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'tz_portfolio_image_height', TRUE);

maybe you forgot to define portfolio image height on theme admin panel..

dwells001 comments:

About your note:
(There are div with id 'magic-door', it contain attribute 'data-url' which will supply the url
<div id="magic-door" data-url="this-is-data-url">

you can check it to see if you can add www to it.)

Which file do I change this in? The home-magicdoor.php?

I'm also going to define all the heights. It should default to what ever height the image is if you leave it blank, but I'm thinking IE and other browsers will need a height established.

Christianto comments:

Sorry for late reply, I've to rest for a while..

About <div> id="magic-door", I don't know if I can add it unless you can send me the theme file to be check, I only know what inside home-magicdoor.php from previous question that I said above.

you can zip index.php/home.php/homepage.php so I can check it.


Marko Nikolic answers:

Have you tried to ask in [[LINK href=""]]support forum[[/LINK]], since this is premium theme?

Marko Nikolic comments:

Hey, check [[LINK href=""]]this topic[[/LINK]].

I am checking your site now.

Marko Nikolic comments:

I have a problem with Chrome, Firefox, too. So, try to go step by step setup, follow documentation, should be working. If you have any plugin or some other additional code, try removing it.

Or, if someone else don't find solution, give me site details, and I will check.