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WP Ecommerce - Extra Blank Space WordPress


Hi there!!

Currently customizing WP ecommerce (on the checkout page) and I can't seem to get rid of extra space. The only thing that shows up to me are the "hidden values" of the checkout fields - nothing else. Which doesn't make sense to me.

Can someone take a look here:

The Gold Cart has been purchased.

Thank you!

Answers (2)


Jayaram Y answers:

give this in your css file..

.page-id-1120 article .post-content p:first-child{

Emilia Farrace comments:

Thank you - it worked!


Andrea P answers:

the problem are the br/ tags between each hidden field.

have you added them manually? why all the fields are set to be hidden? is that made by you in order to hide them?

if you want to completely hide the form fields, you should use Jayaram's code, or simply cut them off (maybe better to comment-out) from the code of the cart template. but then your cart won't work anymore I think..