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WP E-commerce subcategories WordPress

Hello ninjas :)
My question is about WP E-commerce system.
After activating the "Product categories" plugin (part of the basic features) I've realized that wasn't possible to create more than one subcategory after the main category. At least not out of the box.
So I'd need to be able to use a (at least) 1 level deeper nidification and make the upper categories links sensitive just for reveal or hide the subcategories (with a simple drop-down).

Here is the categories' widget code:

<div class='wpsc_categorisation_group' id='categorisation_group_<?php echo $categorisation_group['id']; ?>'>
<?php if(count($categorisation_groups) > 1) : // no title unless multiple category groups ?>
<h4 class='wpsc_category_title'><?php echo $categorisation_group['name']; ?></h4>
<?php endif; ?>

<?php if(get_option('wpsc_category_grid_view') != 1) : // if category grid view is off?>
<ul class='wpsc_categories wpsc_top_level_categories <?php echo implode(" ", (array)$provided_classes); ?>'>
<?php wpsc_start_category_query($category_settings); ?>
<li class='wpsc_category_<?php wpsc_print_category_id();?>'>
<a href="<?php wpsc_print_category_url();?>" class='wpsc_category_image_link'>
<?php wpsc_print_category_image(45, 25); ?>

<a href="<?php wpsc_print_category_url();?>" class="wpsc_category_link <?php wpsc_print_category_classes(); ?>">
<?php wpsc_print_category_name();?>
<?php if (get_option('show_category_count') == 1) : ?>
<?php wpsc_print_category_products_count("(",")"); ?>
<?php endif;?>
<?php wpsc_print_product_list(); ?>
<?php wpsc_print_subcategory("<ul>", "</ul>"); ?>
<?php wpsc_end_category_query(); ?>

<?php else: // if category grid view is on?>
<div class='wpsc_categories wpsc_category_grid'>
<?php wpsc_start_category_query($category_settings); ?>
<a href="<?php wpsc_print_category_url();?>" class="wpsc_category_grid_item <?php wpsc_print_category_classes(); ?>" title='<?php wpsc_print_category_name();?>'>
<?php wpsc_print_category_image(45, 45); ?>
<?php wpsc_print_subcategory("", ""); ?>
<?php wpsc_end_category_query(); ?>
<div class='clear_category_group'></div>

<?php endif;?>
<div class='clear_category_group'></div>

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