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WP Admin White Screen WordPress


I am really unsure of what happened to my blog. I can no longer login to the admin as every time I visit the url ( ) it is a blank screen. I have also found that if you visit the site without the www prefix it is a blank white screen.

I thought it may have been wp super cache causing the issue so I tried manually deactivating it through the database and also by renaming the plugin directory. No luck...

I have also tried deactivating all of the plugins, but nothing is working.

I know this may be a more involved question, but am desperate for help!

Does anyone know how I can fix this issue and begin blogging on this site again?

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Andrzej answers:

I'll be happy to look into your issue - but I need your FTP data, can you please provide them by private message?

Auz Clement comments:

Unfortunately, the host for this site does not allow FTP, but I have SVN access. I will need to request a temporary username and pass to let you in.

First let me try some of the other recommendations. Thanks for replying!


Rashad Aliyev answers:

Dear Auz Clement,

Do you have WP-Cache enabled? Sometimes deleting the files in this folder can help out.. Try checking wp-content/cache .

If thats not it, you could try deleting the wp-admin folder and re-uploading it, this might work as well!

Otherwise if you installed new plugin before it, login to your ftp and rename all of plugin names. Not plugin directory.

best regards,

Rashad Aliyev comments:

Also tell me, did you tried to edit the footer?
Some are encrypted to protect the designer's copyright and if you did you will need to upload back the theme for your site for the footer part.

However clear your own browsers cache before checking again or use ( CTRL + F5 ).

Rashad Aliyev comments:

I also find WordPress helps for you.

That's guarantee of fixing your problem.


Rashad Aliyev comments:

Friend, I gave you solution:

1) deleting extra spaces in wp-admin/admin-functions.php
2) deleting spaces in wp-content/themes/[mytheme]/functions.php
3) deleting spaces enters from top and footers in wp-includes/functions.php, functions.wp-scripts.php, and functions.wp-styles.php
4) looked for define(WP-CACHE in wp-config, if not found go to next step, if find delete this. )
5) backed up the whole wp-admin folder (for quick way rename and not delete yet), re-uploaded it.

Make it! It'll works fine.


Rashad Aliyev comments:

Friend I found something in your host,

Notice: Undefined index: page_id in /mnt/home/schiphop/public_html/wp-content/plugins/shopp/Shopp.php on line 909

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /mnt/home/schiphop/public_html/wp-content/plugins/shopp/core/model/Cart.php on line 145

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /mnt/home/schiphop/public_html/wp-content/plugins/shopp/core/model/Cart.php on line 145

Login to your host and rename your Shopp plugin. It's making problem. After that if not solved that make before suggestion for deleting spaces.


Monster Coder answers:

nothing more can be told until we see error messages.

open wp-config.php file and append the following lines:


then you should see error messages on your site that may help you troubleshooting the issue.

Monster Coder comments:

wp-login.php is coming fine. so problem may be with backend only.

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


Oleg Butuzov answers:

put into your wp-config.php
define('WP_DEBUG', true);


need to debug shopp plugin to resove problem. you can skype me to make it workable. oleg.butuzov


and don't forget a problem plugin has a support


Erez S answers:

Here is what you should do:
1)Delete all your themes except the default one(this make sure that non of your themes causing the problem)
2)Delete all of your plugins(this makes sure non of your plugins causing it)
3)Redonwload the files of wordpress and upload only the wp-admin directory(because sometimes there is a problem with the exctraction or the download so do them both again)
4)There is a nice post on the wordpress support forum that may help you if nothing solved your problem: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]
5)If this still not working,Then try to reinstall wordpress and if this not working you may have problem with your hosting
After you find out what is causing the problem,let me know and I'll give you solution

Erez S comments:

BTW here is few articles that will give you more options to fix this:
Try to do all the solution :)


DarrenM answers:

In my experience the functions.php can cause problems like this. Try renaming your current theme, then try your admin panel which should load.