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(WP 3.0 MS) Domain Mapping - Old subdomains won't propagate WordPress


I've followed all the instructions I found on this post: (amongst the other domain mapping posts on, as well). I even have a dedicated IP address and wildcard subdomains set up.

I'm sooooooo close to getting domain mapping to work properly--in fact, I'm actually able to map *new* subdomained sites I create, but unfortunately, I'm getting 404 errors on the first five sites I created before I moved the domain to a dedicated IP address today. I can't access the backend or the fronts of these sites, which is the problem I'm trying to solve. I've read over this forum post: and if it just takes a few more hours, fine--but I need to know if something else is amiss here so I can solve the issue and move on.

Has anyone seen this issue before? Are there any suggestions? Again, creating new sites work and they can even be mapped, but I can't access the old sites. I'm in a WHM dedicated host with WordPress 3.0 beta 2.

You're welcome to ask me more questions to try to solve this problem. Thanks!

Answers (2)


Lew Ayotte answers:

You might want to document this in TRAC - [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Also, WP3.0 Release Candidate 1 should be coming soon too.



Bill Hunt answers:

<blockquote>I moved the domain to a dedicated IP address today</blockquote>

Sorry if this is rather obvious, but did you change the actual domain name (or subdomain) that the site itself is hosted at? I don't have a copy of WP3 in front of me, but the paths may still be hardcoded in the db as it was in WP2 - check a dump to make sure.

Jason Pelker comments:

No, I didn't change the domain; just the IP address.

Actually, I was right--the sites just took hours (and hours) to propagate correctly. Of course, no client believes that when you tell him, so I went searching for any other possible answer in the meantime.